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About Us

We are a biotech company that specializes in the development of cell factories and their by-products.

With the global trend in the world where new and improved species of products and services are being developed to meet the needs of the population, the company has set itself in helping with these improvements and bringing them right to your door steps.


ZodelBiotec Ltd. (formerly Biocom Global Biotech Nig. Ltd and Astra LifeSciences) was incorporated in 2014 under the companies and allied matters act 1990 certificate of incorporation No. RC1181803

Our solutions involve the application of this third-generation technology and their products at different levels of industrial processes in the Food industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Agric & Agro-allied Industries, Renewable Energy and waste management.

Our Services includes contract research in the development of commercially viable product from the bench to market®,in order to achieve thisour contract research laboratory has been equipped with personnel to achieve
We are striving to be a leading provider of highest products for diagnostic and research use. Products include a range that should suit the needs of any researcher in the biotechnology field. We offer our extensive product portfolio to hospitals, clinical laboratories, private institutions, academic and research institutions.

We are customer focused and provide exceptional technical support and customer service.

Our product portfolio continues commitment to quality, guided by the high standards such as FDA and ISO regulations.

Our wide product selection is available in the following formats: Antibodies, ELISA kits, Bio-Assay kits, Rapid assays, Chemiluminescent, Serology, Anti-Sera, Cell culture products, Cell separation technologies, Laboratory and Medical equipment as well as Pure and Industrial chemicals.

With Zodel, you have your INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for a seamless industrial process, toward cost-effective products that improve quality of life and inspire a healthier world. To do this, you need a technology partner who embraces your every challenge as its own, who shares your unwavering tenacity and dedication from development through commercial success. That’s the power of INNOVATIVE SOLUTION

To be an integrated biotechnology company valued for its INNOVATIONDISCOVERYASPIRATION to becoming the foremost biotech company in Africa, KNOWLEDGE base for research and development, and proffering SOLUTIONS towards scientific and industrial developments.

To develop, produce and market, cost effective biotechnology products that conform to international quality of high standard